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13 Museums in Bandung to Add Knowledge and Photos

Tired of nature tourism in Bandung or culinary tourism in Bandung? Museums can be a choice of vacation destinations. Because Flower City has various types of museums. From museums with the theme of history and technology to increase knowledge to modern museums that are more aimed at just taking pictures. What museums are there in Bandung? Before exploring the museum, let’s first know the references to the museums in Bandung! 1. Geological Museum The geological museum is one of the …

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13 Jogja Batik Shopping Places That Tourists Attracted To

A trip to Jogja is not complete without shopping for batik. Yes, as one of the centers of Javanese culture, there are many batik-producing centers in Jogja that you can visit. And on average, all these places sell various batiks with various motifs. The price is also quite competitive when compared to the price of batik cloth in other big cities. Well, for those of you who like batik cloth, both traditional batik or modern batik, then Jogja is the …

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9 Best Coral Reef Locations in Indonesia for Diving

As a maritime country, Indonesia has various kinds of marine beauty and biodiversity. Of the approximately 800 hard coral species that have been identified in the world, 450 of them are in Indonesia. Meanwhile, there are more than 2,400 species of reef fish living there. No need to go abroad to enjoy the beauty of coral reefs. There are hundreds of the best locations in Indonesia for those of you who like to dive. The Best Coral Reef Locations in …

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