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A Complete Guide To Travel to Bandung

As the capital city of West Java, Bandung does have its charm. Various interesting things about tourist and culinary attractions have become a magnet for this city which has been nicknamed Paris Van Java. The third-largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya is now a favorite destination for Jakarta residents to spend their weekends. The most complete Bandung travel guide Although the main road in Bandung on weekends or national holidays will be crowded with vehicles with Jakarta license …

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13 Museums in Bandung to Add Knowledge and Photos

Tired of nature tourism in Bandung or culinary tourism in Bandung? Museums can be a choice of vacation destinations. Because Flower City has various types of museums. From museums with the theme of history and technology to increase knowledge to modern museums that are more aimed at just taking pictures. What museums are there in Bandung? Before exploring the museum, let’s first know the references to the museums in Bandung! 1. Geological Museum The geological museum is one of the …

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