15 Favorite Hotels in Jogja That Are Instagenic, Guaranteed To Make You Feel at Home!

Favorite hotel recommendations in Jogja

Are you planning a vacation to Jogja shortly? Being a tourist area, Jogja does offer a variety of interesting things that are worth exploring. Not only tourist attractions, but culinary Jogja also is not to be missed. Vacations in Jogja can’t be done if you only spend a day because it takes several days to enjoy the beauty of Gudeg City.

Well, for those of you who are looking for a hotel or inn in Jogja, there are various accommodations in Jogja that carry a contemporary concept. Besides having a unique interior design, the following hotels in Jogja can also be used as a place for Instagram photos. So, what are the unique and Instagenic hotels in Jogja? Here are recommendations for 15 favorite hotels in Jogja, guaranteed to be lazy to go home!

1. YATS Colony

For those of you who are looking for a hotel as well as a place for Instagram photos, it looks like this one hotel is worth visiting. YATS Colony, this relatively new hotel has a fresh, modern, and up-to-date concept! Dominated by white, YATS Colony, which is a subscription to celebrities, has 5 types of rooms, namely HAroom, NAroom, CAroom, RAroom, and KAroom, each of which is designed with a different theme, so that the experience of staying here will be even more memorable.

There is a special Japanese onsen bath available for guests staying in the HA Sendang room type. The hotel also has a tropical-themed outdoor swimming pool surrounded by beautiful plants. YATS Colony is also close to several tourist attractions, such as the Malioboro area and Taman Sari Water Castle, which are popular with tourists. To stay here, prepare a budget of IDR 535 thousand.

Jalan Patangpuluhan No.23, Wirobrajan, Wirobrajan

2. Adhistana Hotel

Often used as a place for pre-wedding, Adhistana Hotel has a very strong traditional classic feel. Interestingly, the design of the building is made like a big house that has many rooms. Yep, visitors will be made like they are at home. Each room is designed with glass and wood doors, thus adding a homey impression to each room. Some rooms have a shady pool view.

Even though the interior looks traditional and seems simple, the hotel equipment used looks even edgier with a touch of beautiful batik cloth motifs. The location of the Adhistana Hotel itself is in the Prawirotaman area which is often referred to as the center of foreign tourists. Near the hotel, there are various cafe hits with Instagenic decorations. Interested in spending the night here? Room rates per night start from IDR 388 thousand.

Jalan Prawirotaman 2 No. 613, Mergangsan

3. Greenhost Boutique Hotel

Still, in the Prawirotaman area, there is another hotel that also has an Instagramable building design. This boutique hotel not only looks so Instagenic but also has a very shady, green, beautiful impression. Decorated by various well-maintained plants, the green concept promoted by Greenhost Boutique Hotel seems to provide a different stay experience. This favorite hotel in Jogja is also claimed to be the first boutique hotel in Indonesia that carries an eco-friendly theme.

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No wonder, if you can feel the beautiful and comfortable atmosphere when you set foot in this hotel. Greenhost Boutique Hotel also provides Creative Farming or a hydroponic garden located on the rooftop. Many hotel guests take advantage of this place to take pictures. There is also an indoor pool right in the center of the hotel. Well, to stay here, the room price per night is estimated at IDR 635 thousand.

Jalan Prawirotaman 2 no 629, Brontokusuman, Mergangsan

4. Pawon Cokelat Guest House

At first, Pawon Cokelat Guest House was not an inn but only a small shop selling chocolate cake. However, it later developed into a guest house that carries the concept of a garden building. Only having a total of 10 rooms, this Instagenic inn is also a subscription for tourists because of its comfortable and comfortable atmosphere.

Pawon Cokelat Guest House is not like a guest house in Jogja in general, considering that this place is equipped with a cafe, a natural vertical garden, and a rooftop garden with an open balcony. This inn is located close to Malioboro, so you can be content to explore the Malioboro area while staying here. For those of you who are interested in staying at Pawon Cokelat Guest House, the room rate per night starts from IDR 320 thousand.

Sosrowijayan Wetan Gang 1 No 102, Gedongtengen

5. Tigalima Homestay

For those who prefer to stay at a homestay, then there is one homestay in Jogja that can be your reference of choice. It is Tigalima Homestay that carries a beautiful tropical concept. The location itself is a bit inside the alley so that makes it quite hidden. Suitable for those of you who are looking for peace while on vacation to Jogja! This homestay can be said to be interesting and also special because it has super complete facilities like a star hotel.

There are swimming pool facilities with beautiful green gardens and breakfast facilities that can be delivered directly to the room. Wow! The interior of the room is also made very comfortable like staying in a luxury hotel. This cheap hotel in Jogja allows visitors to bring pets, you know. Tigalima Homestay charges a room rate per night starting at IDR 325 thousand.

Jalan Affandi (Gejayan) Kepuh GK III / 946, Gondokusuman

6. AllStay Hotel

Although the location is a bit far from the tourist center, the affordable room rates make this cheap hotel in Jogja worth adding to your list. For a hotel for IDR 250 thousand, the facilities offered by AllStay Hotel are quite complete, you know! Although the rooms are a bit small, the soft and comfortable mattresses and modern-designed bathrooms make anyone who stays here feel at home.

You can also enjoy hotel services such as airport transfers. Minimalist, beautiful, and practical! AllStay Hotel is also quite close to Jogja’s tourist attractions, including the Affandi Museum, Jungle Paintball Jogja, and Ambarukmo Plaza. Interested in staying here?

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Wahid Hasyim Street No. 41, Sleman, Chess Single

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7. Tjokro Style

Offering 99 rooms with three types of rooms, namely superior, deluxe, and junior, Tjokro Style is the next hotel in Jogja that you must consider. This 3-star hotel in Jogja has a modern and elegant room design. The concept of the room is simple with a little touch of colorful decoration. Equipped with various facilities, from an outdoor swimming pool to a spa and massage, Tjokro Style charges room rates starting from IDR 395 thousand. Located in the Umbulharjo area, this hotel is only 700 meters from the tourist attraction De Mata Trick Eye Museum. You can also go on a culinary tour around the Umbulharjo area.

Jalan Minister Supeno No. 48, Umbulharjo

Still not satisfied with the series of hotels above? The following three hotels in Jogja are also worthy of your consideration.

8. Rumah Paris Bed & Breakfast

The very Instagramable building makes this hotel in Jogja often used as a shooting location and also photoshoot. The design is also very unique and cute with a variety of adorable beautiful ornaments. To find it is not difficult, because the design of the building is so prominent compared to the buildings around it.

With its European-style architectural design, Rumah Paris Bed & Breakfast is very popular with local tourists. Given that this hotel is so popular, the demand is very high, especially since there are only 4 rooms for rent. For that, make a reservation in advance, yes!

Jalan Parangtritis Km 8.4, Sewon, Bantul

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9. Local Hotel

This hotel and restaurant have an attractive interior design, combining minimalist, rustic, and industrial designs. With this combination, the look of the Local Hotel is so Instagramable, perfect for those of you who like to take pictures. Local Hotel provides three choices of rooms, namely type A, B, and C. Now, specifically for type B rooms, the room design is very unique because it consists of two levels with the 1st floor being a guest sitting room and the 2nd floor is a bed.

Local hotels also have quite complete facilities, such as an outdoor swimming pool and a minibar to relax. FYI, the Local Hotel restaurant was once used as a shooting location for the movie AADC 2, you know! How, are you interested in staying here? This Instagramable hotel in Jogja has room rates per night starting from IDR 625 thousand.

gg. Red Bridge No.104C, Soropadan, Condongcatur

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10. Artotel Jogja

With an artsy hotel design, Artotel in Jogja offers an Instagramable hotel concept with complete room facilities. Almost all corners of the hotel look Instagenic, really suitable as a background for Instagram photos. Only 6 km from Tugu Station, this 3-star hotel in Jogja is equipped with a comfortable outdoor swimming pool. In addition, the location of Artotel Jogja is also close to the Malioboro area, so you can be satisfied walking around this iconic area. To stay here, the room rate per night starts from IDR 625 thousand.

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Jalan Kaliurang No.14 KM 5,6, Catur Tunggal

11. The Phoenix Hotel

Despite using a name with a modern feel, The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta offers a very thick Javanese feel. This five-star hotel in Jogja not only has a unique interior design and is suitable for taking pictures, but also a comfortable bed.

The Phoenix Hotel provides quite complete luxury facilities, from a swimming pool, and spa, to a fitness center. You can enjoy the pleasure of staying at this hotel along with these facilities by only spending around Rp. 600 thousand per night.

Jl. Gen. Sudirman No.9, Cokrodiningratan, Kec. Jetis, Yogyakarta

12. Kampoeng Djawa Guest House

From the name, of course, we already know, that Kampoeng Djawa is an inn with a Javanese taste. This hotel carries a traditional design concept that aims to make guests feel the calm of a Javanese village.

If you like Javanese culture, this hotel is suitable as a place to stay when you are on vacation. Moreover, the location is very strategic. Kampoeng Djawa is close to the Yogyakarta Palace tourist destination. If you want to go to the Malioboro area, you only need about 10 minutes.

Jl. Prawirotaman 1 No.40 Kec. Megransan, Yogyakarta

13. Liem Heritage

Liem Heritage Hostel is an inn with very unique decorations and of course instagramable. This hotel adopts the concept of Peranakan Chinese decoration with various antiques adorning every corner.

At this hotel, you can get free dinner if you stay at certain times. The dinner will be served with a traditional taste, that is, served on a banana leaf and you will have dinner with the other guests.

Address: Jl. Wetan Bunch No.18, Kec. Gondomanan, Yogyakarta

14. Omah Njonja Bed & Brasserie

Still carrying the Chinese Peranakan theme, Omah Njonja Bed & Brasserie is an instagramable inn that is recommended next. The interior of this hotel is filled with mural paintings. The pictures tell the story of the owner of this hotel, but they are made in a cool style so you can use them as backgrounds for your photos.

For furniture, this hotel carries a vintage theme. Of course, the combination of modern and vintage murals will make visitors feel comfortable.

Jl. Sawitsari Blok M1, Kab. Sleman, Yogyakarta

15. Radika Paradise Villa & Cottage

The Gunungkidul area is excellent because it has various tourist destinations. Naturally, this area is often a destination for tourists who come to Yogyakarta. Well, in that area, you can find a very cool hotel. Her name is Radika Paradise Villa & Cottage.

This place carries a classic and rustic concept that is currently popular. Radika Paradise Villa & Cottage has a total of 13 cottages and 8 villas that you can use to stay in after exploring the beautiful beaches in the Gunungkidul area.

Jl. South Coast of Java, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta

Well, that’s the recommendation for a favorite hotel in Jogja that is unique and also Instagramable. Is there a hotel of your choice?