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Yogya, Jogja, Jogjakarta, that’s what most people call it. Yogyakarta as the capital and administrative center of the Special Region of Yogyakarta is the most popular tourist destination on the island of Java.

The attraction of Yogyakarta that made it famous to foreign countries is the Borobudur temple which is located in Magelang, near Yogyakarta, and was included in the seven wonders. There is also the Prambanan Temple which is no less historical.

The city, which is rich in batik and handicraft centers, is also known as the Student City because it is home to many of Indonesia’s leading universities.

Art events such as cabaret performances, paintings, and music performances are also often held in Yogyakarta, and have always been a tourist destination for foreign tourists.

Bakpia and gudeg are one of the culinary attractions of Yogyakarta, the residence of Sultan Hamengkubuwana and Adipati Paku Alam.

In addition to Yogyakarta, you can also take a vacation to the Flower City which is no less exciting.

Yogyakarta Geographical Location

The city of Yogyakarta is one of the largest cities in Indonesia and the fourth largest city in the southern part of Java Island after Bandung, Malang and Surakarta.

Located at an altitude of about 112 m above sea level, the city is 600 km from Jakarta, 116 km from Semarang and 65 km from Surakarta. The city of Yogyakarta itself is in the valley of three rivers, namely the Winongo River, Code River, and Gajahwong River.

Despite being situated in a valley, the city rarely experiences flooding. This is because in the past the colonial government had made a drainage system that was very neatly arranged so as to smooth the waters in Yogyakarta. Coupled with the activity of adding water channels carried out by the Yogyakarta City Government.

Yogyakarta is famous for its very hot climate and weather, with the highest average temperature reaching 31°C, while the lowest temperature is at 21°C.

Yogyakarta History

The name Yogyakarta itself is taken from two words, namely Ayogya or Ayodhya which means ‘peace’ and Karta which means ‘good’. Before Indonesia’s independence, Yogyakarta was an area that had its own government, namely the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate and the Pakualaman Duchy.

However, after the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwana IX and Sri Paku Alam VIII decided to merge into the territory of the Republic of Indonesia and become one unit as the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY).

Now, DIY is a province with Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwana X serving as governor and Sri Paku Alam X serving as Deputy governor.

In the course of its history, January 4 is commemorated as the anniversary of Yogyakarta City of the Republic. This is because on January 4, 1946 to December 27, 1949, DIY was once the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia.

Transportation to Yogyakarta

Being the most popular tourist destination on the island of Java makes access to Yogyakarta so easy. Transportation to Yogyakarta is directly connected by air and also by land so that tourists have many options to get to Yogyakarta.

There are three transportation options that tourists can choose from, namely planes, trains, and also private vehicles by crossing the South Coast of Java.


If you want to travel to Yogyakarta, of course, the choice of transportation is a priority. And, one of the priority is the plane, with the aim of getting to this city as soon as possible, so that you are satisfied with traveling in Yogya and exploring every area. Access to Yogyakarta by air is available in almost all cities. Most cities in Indonesia have direct flight routes to Yogyakarta.

The choice of airlines also varies so you don’t need to be confused about finding a plane that will take you to this Gudeg City. Starting from airlines with the cheapest fares to the most expensive fares, all of them have flight routes to Yogyakarta with a choice of hours that you can adjust.

Previously, Yogyakarta Adisucipto International Airport was the main airport connecting Yogyakarta with other cities in Indonesia. However, starting March 2020, all domestic flights to Jogja will be carried out at Yogyakarta International Airport, which is located in Kulon Progo.

Located about 42 km from downtown Yogyakarta, this airport can be said to be one of the fourth busiest airports in the Java – Bali region, because it not only serves domestic flights but also serves international flights, such as Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Domestic airlines operating at Yogyakarta International Airport include Batavia Air, Express Air, Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Citilink, Super Air Jet, and Wings Air.

Meanwhile, international airlines are served by Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines, and Silkair.

Like the previous Adisucipto Airport, Yogyakarta International Airport is connected by a train line that connects the airport station with a number of stations around Yogyakarta, such as Tugu Yogyakarta, Kutoarjo, Palur, and Solobalapan stations. By using the Prambanan Express regional train, the journey to Adisucipto Airport will be faster. No wonder the Prameks train is always the target of tourists who are traveling in Yogyakarta to reach cities around Yogya easily.

In addition to the Prameks train, there is also the YIA Airport Train which will stop at Yogyakarta (Tugu) – Wates – Wojo – Kebumen (PP) Station, while the Prameks Train from Maguwo – Lempuyangan – Yogyakarta – Wates – Wojo Station with a ticket price of IDR 25 thousand. There are also Damri buses and shuttle buses available in the city center (such as Malioboro) that go to the airport.


In addition to via air, travel to Yogyakarta can also be reached by bus. The main bus terminal in Gudeg City is in Giwangan and is located about 4 km to the southeast of the city center. The travel time using this bus mode is not too long. If departing from Jakarta, the travel time is around 9 hours, Bandung 6 hours, and Surabaya 8 hours.

From Jakarta to Yogyakarta you can depart from terminals, such as Rawamangun, Kalideres, Pasar Minggu, Pulo Gadung, Kampung Rambutan, Pinang Ranti, and other departure points. Bus options for Yogyakarta include Handoko, Lorena, Sumber Alam, Murni Jaya, Prayogo, Ramayana, Laju Prima, Pahala Kencana, and so on.

Meanwhile, traveling from Bandung can be reached from the Cicaheum terminal. If you can’t find a direct bus to Yogyakarta, you can take a bus to Purwokerto (6-7 hours) first and then take a regular bus that will take you to Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta’s proximity to Semarang and Solo makes the local government provide a shuttle bus that connects Yogyakarta with these two cities. The shuttle bus, called Joglosemar (Jogja – Solo – Semarang) charges Rp. 45 thousand for the route to Semarang, while the fare for the route to Solo is Rp. 25 thousand. Quite affordable, right, to make it easier for you to travel to other cities adjacent to Jogja.

Besides Joglosemar, there is also a DayTrans shuttle (at a rate of Rp. 50 thousand to Semarang), Cipaganti, Jogja Rafira, Central Java Transporter, and JavaBaliTrips Borobudur which can be considered. Especially for Java Bali Trips Borobudur, the travel agency also provides tour packages and guide services that you can use to get around Yogyakarta.


The train mode is also the best alternative for traveling to Yogyakarta. Apart from being cheaper than planes, trains are also faster than other modes of land transportation. You can also enjoy the cool expanse of rice fields and mountains during the trip. Two stop stations in Yogyakarta are Tugu Station and Lempuyangan Station.

Yogyakarta Station is located not far from the heart of the city and only about 100 meters from Jalan Malioboro. This station serves the departure and arrival of executive and business class trains. Meanwhile, Lempuyangan Station is only 1 km east of Yogyakarta Station. This station serves the departure and arrival of economy class trains.

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Yogyakarta can also be accessed by private car. There are two routes that can be passed, namely the Pansela route (south coast) and the Pantura route (north coast) of Java. Traveling by private car is quite time consuming, up to 11 hours or even more depending on the situation and road conditions.

Compared to the Pansela route, the Pantura route is more adequate considering that the road is wider and the facilities are quite complete. Starting from places to eat, gas stations, and accommodation in the form of lodging. Therefore, the Pantura route is considered more congested. Moreover, this route is also frequently traversed by buses and trucks, especially during national holidays or when going home.

However, the trip for a vacation to Jogjakini can also be shorter because there is a Cipali toll road that connects Jakarta with Semarang. You can pass this route and exit the toll road in Semarang and then continue your journey to Yogyakarta. The time taken is also estimated to be shorter than passing the south or north route.

Public transportation in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is classified as a small city. So, traveling around Gudeg City will not be expensive. The transportation there is sufficient to facilitate the mobility of the residents. Interestingly, you can still find a number of traditional transportation such as trishaws, wagons, and gigs. The cost is still in the affordable category, especially if you can speak Javanese, you are guaranteed to get a cheap price to ride the transportation.

City bus

Yogyakarta is one of the cities in Indonesia that does not know the term city transportation (angkot). Transportation in the Student City is served by a number of city buses and each bus serves certain routes.

Trans Jogja

Trans Jogja can also be an alternative transportation option while in Yogyakarta. This transportation which was inaugurated in March 2008 is presented solely to be a fast, safe, and comfortable mass transportation.

Trans Jogja is a 3/4 bus that serves various areas in the city of Yogyakarta itself, Sleman, and partly operates in Bantul. The fare charged is also very affordable, which is IDR 3,500 for a single trip with two ticket systems, namely one way and subscription. As of 2017, there have been 17 routes serving various vital facilities in Yogyakarta. The following is a list of Trans Jogja routes.


In Yogyakarta, rickshaws are still one of the main forms of transportation. Finding a rickshaw in the Student City is not a difficult matter, because you can find it along Jalan Malioboro, and other popular areas in Yogyakarta.

However, the rickshaw fare is not as cheap as it used to be, so you have to be smart in bidding on the rickshaw fare. Also make sure that you have set the fare for a round trip or one-way trip and complete the offer before you board the rickshaw. Usually, the fare from the city center to Malioboro is less than Rp. 10 thousand. So, use your bargaining skills to get the cheapest rates so you don’t get set at high prices.


As with becaks, traveling around the city of Yogyakarta by using a cart or carriage also requires good bargaining skills. Either way, the driver can charge very expensive rates. You can find Dokar in tourist spots that are crowded with tourists, such as the train station, the Palace, and the Malioboro mall.

Usually, the andong driver will take you around Malioboro by stopping you at a number of clothing stores. With a one-way fare of IDR 20,000, the gig can accommodate up to five passengers.


If you want an easier trip without having to wait for public transportation, you can use a taxi. Taxis are quite easy to find on several roads in Yogyakarta, especially in the protocol section and the economic and tourism center area. Most taxis in Gudeg City are very reliable, so the fare will be adjusted according to the meter installed on the taxi.

Important Tips: If you want to take a taxi in Yogyakarta, order a taxi via an online application, namely Bluetaksi or SayTaxi. This method is considered easier than having to wait for a taxi on the side of the road. If you feel comfortable with the travel service provided by the driver, then you can ask for the driver’s cellphone number so you can ask him to take you when you need to travel.

There are various taxi companies that serve this transportation, from sedans to minibuses.

Hotels in Yogyakarta

As a tourist city, Yogyakarta has complete lodging facilities. Various kinds of hotels, ranging from guesthouses to five-star hotels are scattered in Gudeg City. In fact, a sharing type capsule hotel that is intended for backpackers is also provided. Every year, accommodation options in Yogyakarta are getting more diverse. The rates are adjusted according to your needs.

The following are hotel recommendations in Yogyakarta that can be your choice

Yogyakarta Cheap Hotels Under IDR 250 thousand

1. Lock House

Carrying a modern minimalist concept, this unique hotel in Jogja is perfect for millennials. The application of exposed cement walls with dim chandeliers that adorn the hotel rooms gives a touch of thick industrial style.

2. Bring In House

This cheap inn provides complete facilities like a five-star hotel. There are two types of rooms that you can choose from here, namely dormitory rooms and private rooms. Uniquely, there is a touch of murals on certain walls, making the atmosphere feel more cheerful.

3. Sleeping Huts

Built with all-white and blue materials, this cheap hotel in Jogja provides a very comfortable homey atmosphere. Every hotel guest will feel like they are at home.

Yogyakarta Instagramable Hotels

1. Lokal Hotel & Restaurant

Since appearing in the film What’s Up with Cinta 2, this Local Hotel & Restaurant has been increasingly exposed and so many visitors have come. The colorful circle motifs that adorn the floors and walls of this place are the hallmarks that make it easy to spot.

2. Wood Stone Hostel

The location of this hostel is close to the Yogyakarta Palace, Yogyakarta Presidential Palace, and Vredeburg Fort. This Wood Stone Hostel has a very Instagramable garden alley.

3. Yogyakarta BnB

This one inn is one of the most popular and managed by travelers from Indonesia. The colorful interiors and furnishings make this hostel look so adorable.

Favourite Hotels in Yogyakarta

1. YATS Colony

This relatively new hotel has a fresh, modern, and up-to-date concept! Dominated by white, YATS Colony has 5 types of rooms, namely HA room, NA room, CA room, RA room, KA room, each room designed with a different theme.

2. Adhistana Hotel

Adhistana Hotel has a very strong traditional classic feel. Interestingly, the design of the building is made like a big house that has many rooms. Some rooms have a shady pool view.

3. Artotel Yogyakarta

This hotel, which is located on Jalan Kaliurang, is arguably very artsy. Each room is decorated with a unique picture. Moreover, in the hotel lobby there is a mini exhibition featuring the work of local artists.

Hotels near Yogyakarta Station

1. Hotel Pules

Besides being close to Tugu Jogja Station, which is less than 1 km away, Hotel Pules is a strategic inn. This hotel is quite minimalist with complete facilities such as air conditioning, bathroom with hot and cold shower, and LED TV.

2. Griya Hotel

Griya Hotel offers all these conveniences through facilities that meet customer satisfaction. This hotel is only 2.4 km from Tugu Station and close to several mainstream tourist destinations in Yogyakarta.

3. Ayola Tasneem Hotel

You can feel a homey atmosphere while staying at the Ayola Tasneem Hotel. Beautiful and modern nuances melt in this affordable hotel. Ayola Tasneem is also strategically located and only 2.3 km from Tugu station.

Hotels for Family Vacations

1. Sambi Resort & Spa

This one inn offers a comfortable and quiet atmosphere, surrounded by rice fields and plantations. One of the facilities here is to witness the process of planting or harvesting rice directly from the farmers.

2. Omah Njonja Bed & Braisserie

The atmosphere of this inn is quite vintage, with a variety of old 60’s furniture. The capacity of the Family Room at this inn is sufficient for four people with spacious and comfortable rooms.

3. Kandjani’s house

It looks like an ordinary house on the outside, but it turns out to be an inn! The feel inside is like an old school house, with a very distinctive patterned floor. The homey atmosphere makes you and your family feel comfortable staying at this place.

Hotels near Adisucipto Airport

1. Omah Ndeliq

The hotel is about 2.2 km from Adisucipto Airport and 10 km from Prambanan Temple. Located in the Kalasan area, Omah Ndeliq Yogyakarta has a unique design with a hippie house type.

2. Beto Guesthouse

Beto Guesthouse is one of the ideal lodgings because it provides adequate facilities and has easy access. The distance is close, about 1.3 km from Adisucipto Airport and 8 km from Prambanan Temple.

3. Hotel Heroine Airport

Hotel Srikandi Bandara offers lodging rates starting from Rp. 300 thousand for twin bed and deluxe rooms. The distance is only about 1.5 km from Adisucipto Airport and 7 km from Prambanan Temple.

Tourist Destinations in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is indeed famous for its myriad tourist attractions. Starting from nuanced tours of nature, and water tourism, to educational tours can be found in Gudeg City. No wonder tourists flock to Yogyakarta just to enjoy the tourist destinations it has to offer. In addition, almost all tourist attractions in Yogyakarta set rates that are not too expensive so many tourists are tempted to spend vacation time there.

The following is a list of the best tourist attractions in Yogyakarta.

Temples in Yogyakarta

1. Prambanan Temple

Prambanan is called the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia and is one of the grandest in the world. There should be no less than 240 temples in this temple complex. Although this temple is not a new tourist attraction in Yogya, Prambanan remains a favorite tourist attraction for tourists visiting Jogja. If you intend to visit Prambanan, choose the time of the afternoon. The reason is, the sunset here is very serene. The golden afternoon sun seemed to reflect beautifully on the walls of the temple.

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2. Kalasan Temple

Only 2 km from Prambanan, you can visit Kalasan Temple. This temple is the oldest Buddhist temple in Yogyakarta and was built to honor the Bodhisattva. Kalasan temple has beautiful carvings on the walls to the roof.

3. Gebang Temple

Starting from the discovery of a statue of Ganesha by local residents, finally, after being researched by archaeologists, the Gebang Temple was also found. This temple is a Hindu temple that is in the blood of Condongcatur.

Museum in Yogyakarta

1. Affandi Museum

If Spain has Picasso, Indonesia has Affandi. You can enjoy the work of this painting maestro which is located on the banks of the Gajah Wong River. Besides Affandi’s own works, you can also see the works of other painters, such as Basuki Abdullah, Popo Iskandar, and Hendra Gunawan.

2. Aerospace Museum

The Indonesian Air Force is one of the best in the world. If you are interested in the world of aviation, you can visit this museum. Here you can see several replicas of fighter aircraft belonging to the Indonesian Air Force.

3. Sonobudoyo Museum

This museum has the second most comprehensive collection of culture and history after the National Museum. Starting from money collections, manuscripts, fine art, geology, and ancient archaeology you can find here.

Educational Tour

1. Smart Park

It is located near the city center, not far from Malioboro. In this Smart Park, you and your family can find various rides related to science in it. For example, science rides, geothermal, water, nuclear, popular technology, dino adventure, and others.

2. Brayut Tourism Village

This village is located in the Sleman area with stunning natural scenery. There are many things you and your family can do in this place, such as learning to farm, learning traditional dance and gamelan, making traditional food, to making crafts.

3. The World Landmark Merapi Park

In this tourist area, there are several replicas of landmarks that are similar to the original, such as Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel, Windmills, to the Tower of Pisa. Merapi Park is intended for selfie tours, but from this place, children can learn about the shape of the world’s famous landmark buildings and the country in which they are located.

Spot Enjoying Yogyakarta Sunrise

1. Suroloyo Peak

This place is known for the beauty of the sunrise which is very fantastic. From here, you can see the coming of dawn against the backdrop of the four most charming mountains throughout Central Java, namely Mount Sindoro, Mount Sumbing, Mount Merapi, and Mount Merbabu.

2. Borobudur Temple

Not only is the temple building interesting, but the beauty of the sunrise at the temple in Magelang is no less interesting. From behind the splendor of the stupa, you can enjoy the sunrise panorama. While breathing in the fresh morning air, you will also be illuminated by the warm, healthy morning sun.

3. The Peak of the Puthuk Setumbu

Also called Nirwana Sunrise, in this place you will be presented with a panoramic view of the sunrise against the backdrop of Mount Merapi and the majestic Mount Merbabu. If the weather is not foggy, you will also have the opportunity to see the majesty of Borobudur Temple from a distance.

Yogyakarta Nature Tourism

1. Becici Peak

Becici Peak offers a very attractive sunrise view. If you want to feel the sensation above the clouds then come in the morning because a series of mist will gather into a cluster of ‘cotton’, just like clouds.

2. Sukorame Mangunan Rice Fields

Located in the Bantul area, this tourist spot provides a bamboo bridge that stretches across the rice fields. Visitors can freely walk along the expanse of green rice fields while taking selfies against the green background of Sukorame rice fields.

3. Mangunan Pine Forest

In this place, you can just take a walk through the vast pine forest. Or you can also sit back and relax on a hammock hanging from a few pine trees. The calm atmosphere here can certainly clear your mind from your daily activities.


1. JogjaBay Pirates Adventure Waterpark

This waterpark is one of the largest in Southeast Asia. The area reaches 7 hectares with 19 rides in it. This place carries the concept of pirates combined with Javanese and European culture.

2. Galaxy Waterpark

In addition to providing water playground rides with colorful designs for children, Galaxy Waterpark also has an Olympic swimming pool and a slide with a height of 10 meters which is suitable for teenagers and adults to try.

3. Grand Puri Waterpark

Grand Puri Waterpark has many rides that you can try. There are four fun slides that can be tried for older visitors. For children, there is also a children’s pool, spilled buckets, and a slide with a replica ship design.

Beaches in Gunung Kidul

1. Baron Beach

When viewed from above, this beach forms the letter U. The shape is very unique because Baron Beach is flanked by two hills. Here you can see two rivers flowing together. One stream with fresh water, and the other with salt water. The color combination of the two types of water is also very attractive.

2. The Long Beach

As the name implies, this beach does have a long coastline. Yes, this is the longest beach in the Gunung Kidul area. The facilities at the Panjang Beach are quite complete, there is even a large mosque.

3. Kukup Beach

It takes about two hours drive from the city center to get to this beautiful beach. White sand and beach conditions that are still quite clean are certainly reasons to visit it. There is also a charming coral island in one corner of the beach jutting into the ocean.

Yogyakarta Special Culinary

Referred to as Gudeg City, Yogyakarta is indeed famous for its gudeg variant which is said to have a delicious taste. However, Yogyakarta is not only about gudeg, because actually this one city also has other culinary delights that are no less delicious.

For example, Javanese noodles, stir-fried firecrackers, to culinary origins from Italy, namely gelato. About the taste, you don’t need to doubt anymore because it is guaranteed that all the food in Yogyakarta will make you yearn to go back there.

The following is a list of culinary delights that you can enjoy in Yogyakarta.

The most legendary and cheap Jogja night culinary tour

The unparalleled culinary taste of Jogja will give a distinct impression. Don’t ever miss 7 culinary tours tonight when you go to Jogja!

1. Sate Klathak

Everyone who goes to Jogja, will definitely not be willing to miss this culinary one. Although it sounds like “frog” satay, it’s not really made from these amphibians. Sate klathak is young goat satay skewered with bicycle bars, not bamboo.

The pieces of meat are also very large and different from goat satay in general. The sate klathak seasoning only changes to salt and pepper. Sate Klathak Pak Bari stall is the one you should try. This stall became even more famous when it became a shooting location for the film AADC 2. The location of Sate Klathak Pak Bari is in Jejeran Market or Wonokromo Market, Jalan Imogiri Timur No. 5 Wonokromo, Bantul.

2. Oseng Mercon Bu Narti

Do you like spicy food? You can try Oseng Mercon Bu Narti and it will likely make you addicted. This street stall is never empty of visitors. Located on Jalan KH. Ahmad Dahlan, Warung Bu Narti can spend about 10 kg of cayenne pepper!

This stir fry consists of gravel, lard, skin, and young bones which are sauteed with spicy spices. You can also choose additional menus such as chicken, duck, catfish, pigeon, various offal, and quail. Warung Bu Narti is open until 02.00 WIB.

3. Trash Soto

It’s not as dirty as your shadow. Despite the name, soto trash is legendary in the culinary circles of Jogja’s nightlife. Why is it called soto trash, because this soup is eaten with a variety of side dishes such as fried food, stir-fried food, intestine satay, and other heavy foods.

The price of one portion of soto is only 8 thousand rupiahs with the contents of white rice, vermicelli, cabbage, sprouts, celery, and fried onions. Located on Jalan Kranggan with opening hours from 10pm to 4am.

4. Gudeg Pawon

Gudeg Pawon has been around since the 1950s and you have to be prepared to stand in line to eat authentic gudeg where you can see the cooking process firsthand. This gudeg is made using a traditional stove and visitors can directly choose a variety of gudeg and side dishes.

It’s best to come when opening hours are at 21.30 to get the first line. Gudeg Pawon is located on Jalan Janturan UH/IV No.36 Warungboto, Umbulharjo. Even though it’s legendary, the price for one serving of this gudeg starts from IDR 13 thousand.

5. Rice Rames Demangan

Hungry in the middle of the night and want to try various Yogya specialties in one plate? Nasi Rames Demangan is the right answer for your hunger. This Nasi Rames can be found on Jalan Demangan which opens at 8 pm. Starting from Rp. 10 thousand, you get rice rames with various side dishes. All the food served is still kept warm, because it is cooked on a charcoal stove. So don’t worry about the deliciousness.

6. Nasi Kuning Bu Tuminem

There are many kinds of rice dishes in Jogja, including yellow rice. The most famous is Bu Tuminem’s Yellow Rice which is located on Jalan Asam Gede Cokrodiningratan. Starting from 21.00 – 02.00, you can eat this culinary with family or friends. The main menu of this yellow rice consists of dried potatoes, fried peanuts, sliced ​​egg breast, shredded chicken, and boiled eggs with spicy spices.

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7. Nyemek Mie Bu Siti

This time there is a noodle dish that you must taste when you are exploring Jogja’s night culinary. Mie Nyemek Bu Siti has been around since 2002, selling processed instant noodles with Bu Siti’s special concoction. These instant noodles are boiled and the seasoning is mixed with garlic, soy sauce, cayenne pepper, and additional vegetables.

The price for one portion is around IDR 10 thousand and you can also add various side dishes such as fried foods, meatballs, intestine satay, chicken eggs or duck eggs. This noodle shop is located at Jalan Sisingamangaraja no.35 Brontokusuman, Mergangsan.

Yogyakarta’s Legendary Culinary

1. Mbah Gito’s Noodles

This place used to be a cowshed. Almost the entire interior uses wood and the light inside is not too bright. At this place, you can order Bakmi Godog or Bakmi Goreng.

2. Angkringan Lik Man

One of the popular angkringan in this city is Angkringan Lik Man, which has been around since 1960 and even became one of the pioneers. If you have the opportunity to visit this place, order a glass of Kopi Joss, which is black coffee dipped in smoldering charcoal.

3. PK Fruit Ice

Established since 1973, Warung Es Buah PK provides a refreshing fruit ice menu. The price is cheap too. Besides fruit ice, you can also enjoy delicious meatballs here.

Cheap Culinary Yogyakarta

1. Trash Soto

Located near Tugu Jogja, this culinary tourism spot in Jogja is indeed quite remote. However, its location on the side of the road makes it quite easy to find. Just an ordinary tent stall, Soto Garbage is a Jogja night culinary that is always crowded with visitors.

2. Ayam Geprek Preksu

Preksu itself is an abbreviation of geprek chicken and milk. Yes, in addition to offering geprek chicken menus, this culinary tourist spot in Jogja also provides fresh milk of various flavors. What’s interesting about this geprek chicken is the abundant cheese topping.

3. Jamuran

As the name implies, mushroom-based foods are the mainstay of this culinary menu in Jogja. For example, mushroom satay, spicy grilled mushrooms, mushroom tongseng, mushroom soup, mushroom dumplings, mushroom martabak, to ear mushroom ice dawet.

Yogyakarta Local Food

1. No Fried

This famous culinary specialty of Jogja is much more popular in the Gunung Kidul area, Yogyakarta. The taste of fried walang is actually similar to dry fried shrimp. Especially if the one who cultivates it puts the right spices, the crunchy and savory taste of this fried walang can make you addicted.

2. Adrem

This cake made from rice flour and brown sugar is unique. Not only because of its sweet taste and very suitable to be enjoyed with tea or bitter coffee, but also because this Bantul specialty cake is also known by another name which is a bit cheesy ‘porno’.

3. Crackle

This typical Jogja food is made from dried cow skin to look like crackers. It can be consumed directly like crackers when it is fried, as a friend of rice in the form of krecek vegetables, or in the form of krecek chili sauce when accompanying gudeg.

Instagramable Cafe in Yogyakarta

1. RM Demangan

This restaurant with a beautiful design is guaranteed to make you feel at home. The recommended menu at RM Demangan is Lontong Cap Gomeh and Pisang Bakar Aren. The price is cheap too.

2. Tulip Cafe

This Instagram-able cafe has a concept that is intended for taking pictures. The decor is filled with Balinese trinkets in a Bohemian style. After that, you are guaranteed to come home with a full stomach and good photos.

3. Jeeva Coffee

If you claim to be a coffee lover, besides Jos Coffee, you must also try this cafe. Coffee and modern cuisine are the mainstays of this cafe with a distinctive old-school design.

Where to Eat Noodle Jawa in Yogyakarta

1. Bakmi Shibisu

Despite his unique name, it seems that the waiter as well as the seasoning maker is a mute person. However, don’t doubt the taste of their Javanese noodles because they are guaranteed to make you addicted!

2. Noodle Mr. Pele

This Jogja culinary tour is indeed famous for being delicious and legendary because it has been around for decades. Bakmi Jawa made by Pak Pele is cooked with chunks of free-range chicken, eggs, and sliced ​​cabbage.

3. Bakmi Kadin

This culinary tourist spot in Jogja may apply a different cooking process. The Javanese noodles cooked at Bakmi Kadin are not cooked all at once, but are cooked one by one. You may have to wait a long time for your Javanese noodle to be cooked.

The Best Gudeg Places to Eat in Yogyakarta

1. Gudeg Yu Djum

Established in 1951, Gudeg Yu Djum is arguably one of the most iconic gudeg in Jogja. Gudeg Yu Djum is famous for its gudeg recipe that has been passed down for four generations.

2. Gudeg Pawon

Gudeg Pawon Jogja offers a unique sensation of eating gudeg. With the location of the sale in the pawon or kitchen, visitors can enjoy gudeg rice directly at the ‘factory’. You can also see directly the activities of the owner of Gudeg Pawon Jogja when cooking with the stove.

3. Gudeg Permata Bu Pujo

This Gudeg Jogja is also one of the legendary culinary delights in Jogja because it has been established since 1951. Because it is already a legend, Gudeg Permata Bu Pujo is never empty of visitors. In fact, you have to be willing to stand in line to get a delicious portion of gudeg rice.

Culinary Near Yogyakarta Station

1. Sakapatat Resto

This restaurant is the first branch of Sakapatat center in Semarang. Besides being known as a restaurant, this place is also known as a beer garden. However, you don’t need to worry, this place also provides a variety of non-alcoholic menus.

2. The House of Raminten

This restaurant serves Javanese nuances. Both from the music playing, the uniforms worn by the waiters, the names and menu choices provided, as well as the various existing furniture and ornaments. The House of Raminten restaurant serves a typical home-cooked menu.

3. Walik Coffee Shop

This coffee shop in the North Square area, presents a classic atmosphere with a pavilion building. The main menu, of course, is kopi walik, which in Indonesian means ‘coffee upside down’. The Kopi Walik menu itself is divided into two, namely black coffee and milk coffee.

Yogyakarta Gelato Shop

1. The Frozen Time

Tempo Gelato is very popular with tourists. Now it feels incomplete to Yogya if you don’t stop by this gelato shop. Apart from Prawirotaman, Tempo Gelato is also in Kaliurang. In both shops you can taste ice cream in a cup or cone container.

2. Hello Gelato

This gelato shop is very Instagenic. You can be satisfied with the photos here! Ciao Gelato is located on Jalan Affandi and Jalan Dr. Sutomo, Yogyakarta. The gelato here is also quite affordable. Besides gelato, in this shop you can enjoy sorbet and other Italian specialties, such as pizza and lasagna.

3. Artemy Gelato

This gelato shop, located on Jalan Representative, is one of the pioneers of gelato in Yogyakarta. The atmosphere is homey and fun. Interestingly, for those of you who are on a diet but can’t stand not to eat dessert, just try the low sugar gelato at Artemy Gelato.

Shopping Malls in Yogyakarta

Another thing that makes Yogyakarta so special is the production of its batik cloth, which has crossed the globe to the international stage. The quality of batik cloth produced by batik craftsmen in Yogyakarta is unquestionable.

Batik cloth is also often used as a souvenir by tourists. This is because there are so many batik shopping places scattered in Yogyakarta. Some of them still sell written batik cloth that has very beautiful designs and colors.

Besides batik cloth, other famous souvenirs there are bakpia. Just like batik shops, bakpia shops in Yogyakarta are also very diverse. You can also find it easily along the streets of Yogyakarta City.

The following is a list of shopping places in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta Batik Shopping Center

1. Beringharjo Market

For tourists, Beringharjo Market may be one of the places to shop for batik in Jogja at low prices. Moreover, its location in the city center makes this market always busy every day. Various kinds of batik are sold here, ranging from batik cloth sold in meters, batik clothes models, batik skirts, batik dresses, and modern batik are all available at Beringharjo Market.

2. Hamzah Batik

This place used to be called Toko Mirota Batik, but now it has changed its name to Hamzah Batik. Here, you will not only find batik cloth or clothes made of batik but also other typical Jogja souvenirs such as blangkon, displays, wood panels, and so on.

3. Winotosastro Batik Shop

It has been established since 1940, you who are batik lovers really must come to the Winotosastro Batik Shop. Besides being able to buy Jogja batik cloth, this one batik shop also provides batik classes for tourists who want to learn to make batik.

Souvenirs from Yogyakarta

1. Peyek Mbok Tumpuk

Peyek Mbok Tumpuk can be said to be one of the souvenirs that must be bought if you visit Jogja. Made from rice flour and peanuts, Peyek Mbok Tumpuk has a distinctive taste that is delicious and crunchy.

2. Wader Crispy

Wader Crispy is a snack in the form of small fish chips fried in flour. As the name suggests, this preparation uses wader fish as the main ingredient. With selected quality spices, Wader Crispy offers a savory and crunchy taste.

3. Bakpia

You can find bakpia at various souvenir centers in Jogja. With a variety of flavors, you can make bakpia a special souvenir from your visit to this Student City.

So, after seeing the complete Yogyakarta travel guide above, are you ready for a vacation?