Jejamuran, Mushroom All-in-One Restaurant in Yogyakarta, a Tourist Favorite

Yogyakarta, one of the tourist cities, seems to have a magical attraction. Anyone who visits Yogyakarta will feel comfortable and don’t want to go home. It’s not only the culture that makes people curious to want to go there, but its unique culinary specialties have also succeeded in attracting people to visit Gudeg City. One of Yogyakarta’s culinary delights that steals the most attention is Jejamuran.

This mushroom all-around restaurant is arguably very popular among local tourists. Because of its popularity, almost all tourists visiting Yogyakarta will take the time to dine here. Armed with curiosity, I came straight there and tried some of the featured menus. Well, curious about what the atmosphere and taste of the food at Jejamuran is like? Check out the full review below.

1. Located in Sleman Regency

Popular as a family restaurant, but who would have thought that the location of Jejamuran is not in the city center but Sleman Regency. Its location which is quite far from the city of Yogyakarta does not necessarily make Jejamuran’s popularity decline. On the contrary, this restaurant is never empty of visitors, especially on weekends. Its address is Jalan Pramuka No. 53, Pandowoharjo, Jejamuran is not a new place because it has been around since 1997. Wow! No wonder this restaurant is always packed with visitors.

To visit Jejamuran takes approximately 45 minutes without traffic jams from the city center. Even though it’s a bit long on the way, the place is spacious and the menu is diverse in taste will make you satisfied when dining at Jejamuran. The location of Jejamuran is closer to the Merapi Tour area. The distance itself is only 7 km or the equivalent of a 15-minute trip. Well, for those who plan to try the Merapi Tour, it never hurts to visit Jejamuran.

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2. All-mushroom food menu

As the name implies, this place does offer a variety of mushroom foods. Starting from tongseng, satay, rendang, soup, and curry, to fuyunghai, everything is made from the mushroom. I tried some of the featured menus, such as mushroom satay (Rp 19 thousand), mushroom tongseng (Rp 17 thousand), mushroom pepes (Rp 12 thousand), and portable flour fry (Rp 18 thousand), and mushroom ice dawet (Rp 13 thousand). Even though it is made from mushrooms, it turns out that the taste of the food is not so disappointing.

The mushroom tongseng I ordered had a savory, salty, and slightly sweet taste. There are three variants of mushrooms used in the tongseng dish. Even though the tongseng filling was only mushroom, it didn’t necessarily disappoint me. It still tastes good, especially when eaten with warm rice. Mushroom satay, which is a favorite menu, is served with sliced ​​onions and cayenne pepper. The peanut sauce has a dominant sweet and salty taste. The texture of the mushroom itself is very soft and chewy.

Meanwhile, Pepes Mushroom is served warm with a spicy fried chili sauce. The soft texture of the Pepes is combined with the spicy and savory taste. Not to mention the tinge of the aromatic spice aroma makes this dish so special. Dining at Jejamuran is incomplete if you don’t order crispy mushrooms. I ordered the Portola flour fry because several other types of mushrooms had run out. Mushrooms fried until crispy are very delicious when dipped with chili sauce.

Well, next I tried dawet ice which is also made from mushrooms. At first, I was a bit surprised that mushrooms were also processed into drinks such as ice dawet. But it turns out that when slurped, it tastes fresh and delicious. The taste is almost similar to the taste of ice dawet in general. But the difference is, that there is a sensation of enoki mushrooms in it. The texture of the enoki mushrooms combined with the sweetness of brown sugar and the savory taste of coconut milk makes the original taste of the mushrooms disappear. The soft and fibrous texture of the mushroom makes this drink very unique. An innovation that deserves thumbs up.

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3. Quality ingredients are taken from our garden

What’s interesting about Jejamuran is not only that the food is made from various types of mushrooms, but this place to eat also uses raw materials of mushrooms that come from their garden. Yep, when you enter this restaurant you will see a mini garden that contains various types of mushrooms.

Approximately there are more than 10 types of mushrooms grown in this garden and all of them are managed properly to ensure the quality of the mushroom dishes served in this restaurant. Besides dining, you can also learn about mushroom cultivation here.

4. Susana is a comfortable mushroom for the family

You can find a unique feel of Yogyakarta that is cool and calm when you eat at Jejamuran. Even though it’s crowded and crowded with visitors, you can still feel cool. Even the waiters are also friendly and wear neat batik clothes. The place is also spacious and beautiful with mushroom plants around it. Interestingly, there is a mushroom museum that can be used as a photo spot. Not only one, but there are also several other photo spots that you can find here.

While waiting for the order to arrive, you can enjoy the strains of a typical Yogyakarta song from the accompaniment band. Oh yeah, this place offers lots of seating areas. Uniquely, all the dining areas there are named after mushrooms. You are also free to choose where you want to sit, be it in the outdoor or indoor area. From my observations, more visitors choose the outdoor area considering the very comfortable atmosphere.

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5. The service is satisfactory

In addition to all the things I have mentioned above, other things make Jejamuran a plus point in my eyes. The service at Jejamuran is arguably the champion, starting from welcoming the staff to the visitors to the alertness of the staff in serving visitors. Not only that, the food I ordered came very quickly even though the restaurant was very busy at that time.

The place is very large and spacious. It is supported by a sufficient amount of staff. You also don’t have to bother calling the restaurant staff if you want to order something because some of the staff are on standby in the corners of the restaurant. Anyway, the Jejamuran service is very satisfying. In addition to the excellent service, the price of food in Jejamuran can also be said to be cheap. Even so, the food portion adjusts to the price offered.

Well, that’s the review of the Jejamuran family’s favorite restaurant. For those who are going on vacation to Yogyakarta, Jejamuran deserves to be the main choice considering the taste of the food is okay, the place is comfortable, and the price of the food is affordable. What are you waiting for, come on, immediately plan your vacation to Yogyakarta and make sure you go to Jejamuran, OK!