Sadé Tropical Kitchen, Cafe in Jogja That Offers Balinese Atmosphere

Culinary tourism is certainly one of the destinations for travelers when visiting Yogyakarta. The culinary wealth of the City of Gudeg does not need to be doubted. Almost all the special foods that are there are always crowded with tourists. Culinary development in Yogyakarta is also growing rapidly. To the extent that there are so many food recommendations that are worth a try. One not to be missed is Sadé Tropical Kitchen. Sadé is a Javanese word that means to sell.

Although taken from the Javanese language, Sadé Tropical Kitchen offers dishes that are not Javanese. This restaurant emphasizes the culinary specialties of tropical countries that are fresh and healthy. A typical Yogyakarta culinary specialty, Sadé Tropical Kitchen also has its uniqueness that makes it so special. Curious about the food and atmosphere at Sadé Tropical Kitchen? Check out the full review below.

1. Hidden locations

When it comes to its location, Sadé Tropical Kitchen might be considered a hidden gem in the city of Yogyakarta. The location is very hidden even located in a rather narrow alley. Sadé Tropical Kitchen occupies the garden area of ​​the Saé-SaéHostel which is famous among foreign backpackers.

Given its location which is one with the hostel, you can also see the hostel’s relaxing area. When I came here, many hostel guests incidentally were foreign tourists, sitting relaxed on the hostel terrace area. Not a few of these foreigners ordered food at Sadé Tropical Kitchen.

Finding this place to eat is not that difficult, especially since the location of Sadé Tropical Kitchen is still close to the Caucasian village of Prawirotaman. It’s just quite risky when carrying a four-wheeled vehicle. The alley to Sadé Tropical Kitchen can only be traversed by one car and that is only suitable for small minibusses. Therefore, it is advisable to bring a two-wheeled vehicle if you want to stop by here.

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There are two alternative ways to get to Sadé Tropical Kitchen. If you are from the Yogyakarta Tugu Station, you can pass Jalan Bridjen Katamso. The distance from Tugu Station to Sadé Tropical Kitchen is also not far, approximately 4.2 km. If you want to take public transportation, you can take the Trans Jogja Corridor 2A bus from Malioboro 1 Stop and get off at Sugiono 1 Stop. Then you can walk to Sadé Tropical Kitchen for about 10 minutes.

2. Offers the unique atmosphere of the Island of the Gods Bali

You could say Sadé Tropical Kitchen does offer a dining experience that you will not be able to find in other restaurants in Yogyakarta. Every visitor who dines here will be made like they are eating on the Island of the Gods Bali. Yes, the tropical concept promoted by this place to eat is indeed successful in making the visitors who come amazed by the atmosphere which is more similar to the atmosphere in Kuta or Legian.

Moreover, the hostel guests, who are mostly foreign tourists, as well as the very distinctive layout and decoration, further strengthen the tropical atmosphere of the Island of the Gods, Bali. The trees and greenery that surround this dining area also make the atmosphere so comfortable and cool. The location of Sadé Tropical Kitchen which is in the alley is quite advantageous because you will not hear the noise of passing vehicles.

For those who are looking for a place to eat away from the crowds with a calming atmosphere, then Sadé Tropical Kitchen is the right place for you to visit. The existence of this place to eat also seems not to be widely known by many people, so it is suitable as a place to do assignments or a place to chat with relatives.

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The size of the cafe itself is not that wide, there is only one long table with a total of 10 chairs facing each other. Although the place is small, this does not necessarily make visitors reluctant to linger. On the contrary, the comfortable atmosphere of Sadé Tropical Kitchen makes visitors feel at home to spending their time here. Not to mention the staff who are very friendly and don’t hesitate to chat with the visitors. My visit to Sadé Tropical Kitchen at that time was filled with a short chat between me and one of the staff. The friendliness of the staff and excellent service are certainly a plus for this restaurant.

3. Serving healthy western-style culinary

The average menu offered by Sadé Tropical Kitchen is western-style healthy food. The menus are only breakfast and lunch menus, such as smoothie bowls, cheese omelets, croissant scrambled egg smoked beef, avocado toast, and banana pancakes. The reason Sadé Tropical Kitchen does not provide a dinner menu is that the operating hours of this place are only open until 3 pm.

Came at 1 pm apparently, a lot of food had run out by then. Moreover, the menu offered is not too much so it is enough to confuse me in choosing the food I want to eat. After a long discussion with the cafe staff, I was also recommended to eat some of their remaining mainstay menus, namely Croissant Scrambled Egg (Rp 45 thousand), Tropical Sandwich (Rp 35 thousand), Dragon Smoothie Bowl (Rp 40 thousand), Carrot Juice (Rp 20 thousand).

It takes about 20 minutes for all the dishes to be served on the table. Although a bit long, the presentation of the food is very satisfying. Each food is arranged in such a way, plus the selection of unique serving plates makes this dish look appetizing. From the presentation, it can be seen that the target of this place to eat is more targeted at foreign tourists. No wonder all the food is western.

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In terms of taste, almost all of the food has a taste that fits my tongue. The Tropical Sandwich that I ordered turned out to use baguette bread as the main ingredient. The filling consists of sliced ​​chicken, pineapple, lettuce, and mayonnaise. The saltiness of the chicken slices stands out. The use of pineapple pieces in it gives a fresh sensation to this dish. The texture of the baguette itself is not too hard it tends to be soft because it has been toasted first.

Well, Croissant Scrambled Egg, has a taste that tends to be bland. For the size of the tongue of Caucasians, it might taste like it’s normal on their tongue, but for the size of the tongue of an Indonesian like me, the taste of this dish is not so delicious. I didn’t find any salty or savory taste in this dish. The texture of the croissant bread, which I expected crunchy, became soggy because it was mixed with a scrambled egg which had a wet texture. Luckily there are slices of smoked beef which make the taste pretty good.

The carrot juice I ordered was a seasonal menu. The taste of this drink is not too sweet because it only relies on the sweet taste of the ingredients used such as carrots, pineapple, and limes. Although not too sweet, this drink is very refreshing. Suitable to drink in the hot weather of Yogyakarta.

Of all the dishes available, Dragon Smoothies Bowl is the most delicious dish. The taste of dragon fruit and banana is very strong. This dish also has a sweet taste that is just right so it doesn’t make you feel bad. A sprinkling of granola and muesli in it makes it taste even more delicious. Not to mention the lime wedge which further strengthens the taste. Fresh!

That’s the review about Sadé Tropical Kitchen. Interested in having lunch here?