Tips for Preparing a Fun Year-End Vacation

Hooray! Holidays have arrived. Even though the pandemic is not over, you can still enjoy the year-end holidays happily. Make sure your vacation is well planned and stick to health protocols that are maintained, yes. Not only for those of you who spend the year-end holidays outside the city, health protocols still need to be carried out for those of you who are just on vacation at home.

Here are some year-end holiday activities that you can choose so that the health protocol in dealing with Covid-19 is maintained. First, go out of town with your family and choose the most comfortable place to live that can minimize meeting many people. Second, stay in the city by staying at a hotel or commonly called a staycation

Well, before the year-end holidays, it’s a good idea to follow the following holiday preparation tips.

1. Plan your vacation activities

Have you decided which destination you want to go to? If not, then immediately determine because the more you choose a vacation destination, the more difficult it will be for you to get lodging and transportation.

It is common knowledge that hotel and transportation rates will soar as the new year approaches. High demand from consumers will affect lodging and transportation rates. Therefore, do not procrastinate.

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After the destination has been determined, then immediately make a vacation activity plan consisting of the length of vacation time, determining tourist attractions, activities to be carried out during the holidays, to the costs to be incurred. These notes are very important for your trip later. Oh yes, choose wisely. Keep following the health protocols and avoid crowds.

2. Choose a tourist spot that is anti-mainstream

Year-end holidays are included in the peak season category. This means, there will be a lot of people traveling this holiday season. Various tourist attractions will definitely be crowded by tourists. Therefore, choose an anti-mainstream tourist spot so you can enjoy your vacation more this time.

3. Immediately order transportation tickets and book hotels

If the travel plans that you have made have been fixed, then the next thing you should immediately do is book transportation tickets and book hotels. As previously mentioned, lodging and transportation rates will be much more expensive if booked closer to the D day.

So that you don’t run out of transportation tickets and hotel rooms, make an online reservation immediately. Or you can also come directly to the terminal or station to buy tickets. As for the inn, immediately call the hotel to ask for an empty room. If in fact the hotel you want to order is fully booked, then immediately look for other alternative hotels that are still available.

4. Prepare physically as well as possible

Year-end holidays will not only cost you money, but will also drain your energy. Because, it is certain that you will rarely sleep considering that you will spend more time at night. Moreover, the New Year’s Eve celebration which will be held at exactly 00.00 will force you to stay awake until the early hours of the morning. Well, if you are not used to sleeping that late, the body will be susceptible to disease.

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Therefore, before the year-end holidays, start preparing physically from now on. Do light exercise such as jogging and yoga. Most importantly, maintain the quality of your sleep and drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods.

5. Check the weather in the area you will be visiting

Knowing the weather and conditions in the destination area is also important before you go on vacation. If the weather forecast shows that it will rain on New Year’s Eve, then prepare supporting equipment such as raincoats, umbrellas, jackets, and rubber footwear.

6. Prepare cash

You may be used to making cashless payments. Besides being considered practical, this payment method is also considered to be able to save time and minimize criminal acts. But in fact, not all regions have facilities that support electronic money. Therefore, prepare cash according to your needs during the holidays. Don’t let your vacation be hampered because of cash, OK!

7. Organize after-holiday activities

Another thing you need to prepare is to organize activities after the holidays. There’s nothing wrong with making a post-year-end holiday schedule. If you do take a sabbatical, then take the time to rest for the whole day. Because after all the body must get back in shape to continue daily activities.

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