Jakarta Tastes Jogja, Sipping Warm Klothok Coffee at Rumah Eyang

“Enjoy with the atmosphere of Jogja” a lyric from the Kla Project is always ringing in my head when my heart is longing for Jogja. Yep, the Student City does seem to be able to evoke feelings of longing for the tranquility of the city and the friendliness of its residents. Moreover, the delicious culinary temptation makes the heart want to always visit Jogja. Call it Bakmi Godog, Kopi Klothok, and Mangut Lele, hmm… I want to go on vacation to Jogja, right?

To treat the longing for Jogja culinary, you don’t need to bother going to Gudeg City, you know, because now there are restaurants that offer Jogja specialties with authentic flavors. For you residents of Jakarta and its surroundings, Rumah Eyang restaurant will evoke memories of Jogja. Curious what it’s like to dine at Rumah Eyang? Check out the following review.

1. The atmosphere is made like being in Jogja

It seems that nothing can beat the calm and peaceful atmosphere in Jogja. Although many restaurants offer the culinary specialties of Jogja in Jakarta, the atmosphere is certainly very different. Well, what makes Rumah Eyang different is the ‘Jogja Really’ atmosphere. Relaxing here seems to be able to bring you the memories of your time in Jogja. Moreover, those whose hometown is in Gudeg City will feel like returning to their hometown.

There are a total of two areas in Rumah Eyang, namely the inside area and the outside area. The exterior and interior of the building are dominated by wood, complete with the iconic Joglo roof. Plus the selection of all-wood furniture that seems old school makes it look like a traditional Jogja house. Wooden chairs, teak tables, figures, and other knick-knacks line the corners of the restaurant, which looks more like the living room of a house. Investigate a calibration, all the furniture here is imported directly from Jogja, you know.

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In the area of ​​the restaurant, there is the main door that is quite large. When you enter the area of ​​the restaurant, you will immediately feel a homey atmosphere that is ‘very Jogja’. It’s not like being in a restaurant, but more like playing at Grandma’s house.

Well, turning to the outside area or the lesehan area, you can still feel the thick Jogja atmosphere in this area. The dim lights that cover the night atmosphere here will make you reluctant to move. Moreover, there is a minimalist garden with the sound of gurgling water in the lesehan area, guaranteeing you will feel at home for a long time at Rumah Eyang. Oh yes, come here on a weekend night, you can enjoy a lively live music dish.

2. All the food has an authentic taste

What is your favorite Jogja food? If you are looking for Bakmi Jawa and a cup of Klothok Coffee with an authentic taste, then Rumah Eyang is the right place for you to visit. Not only the atmosphere is ‘very Jogja’, but the dish also has the same taste as what you eat in the original area. Although not all typical Jogja culinary delights are here, some of the dishes will treat your longing for Gudeg City.

Given a piece of menu paper by the waiter, there are lots of menu choices. Ranging from snacks to heavy meals are here. Because I was too eager to eat a portion of Bakmi Jawa, I ordered Bakmie Godog with duck egg as an addition. Besides Bakmie Godog, I also ordered Mangut Lele and a serving of warm rice and Tempe Mendoan as an appetizer. Don’t forget to order a fresh drink, namely Ice Jeruk Lipis.

Not long after, my orders came one by one. All the dishes are served very simply, just like home cooking. The first dish I tried was Tempe Mendoan (@ Rp 7 thousand). Fried at the right temperature, this dish is very delicious eaten while hot. The texture is very soft and blends with the savory flour dough. Dipped with soy sauce, the taste is so rich. Must try!

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Meanwhile, the fragrant aroma of the Mangut Lele dish (Rp 20 thousand) pervades. Made with yellow spices as the base, the Mangut Lele made by Rumah Eyang has a rich taste. The savory taste of coconut milk combines with a little sweet and spicy taste that comes from pieces of cayenne pepper.

The texture of the catfish itself is very soft so it is easy to peel it by hand. The yellow seasoning seeps into the fibers of the meat. Eating it with a serving of warm rice makes it even more delicious.

Meanwhile, the Bakmie Godog (Rp 33 thousand) has a dominant savory salty taste. The filling is in the form of thin yellow noodles, vermicelli, shredded chicken, cabbage, and spring onions. In addition to the savory taste, the fishy aroma that comes from the duck eggs makes this dish taste less delicious when eaten. The fishy smell is so sharp. For those who don’t like the fishy aroma, it is recommended not to order Bakmie Godog with duck egg.

However, the texture of the noodles and vermicelli is very soft and chewy. Likewise, the shredded chicken is soft and savory. Toppings sprinkled with fried onions enrich the taste. Ohiya for those who like spicy, you can order the level of spiciness on the extra spicy level. Don’t worry, because the spicy taste comes from the use of sliced ​​​​cayenne pepper. Well, as a thirst quencher, Ice Lime (Rp 15 thousand) can neutralize the throat. The combination of sweet and sour tastes produces a delicious fresh sensation.

Rumah Eyang also has Klothok Coffee (Rp 15 thousand) which is a pity to miss. After finishing all the heavy meals, I immediately ordered a cup of Klothok Coffee and a portion of Fried Banana (Rp 15 thousand) as a coffee companion. Served with rock sugar, the taste of the Klothok Coffee was exactly what I expected. The texture is thick with a strong bitter and sour taste sensation.

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For Fried Bananas served as many as two pieces. Using banana kepok, the typical banana sepat taste is combined with the sweet flour dough. Served hot, eating it with a cup of warm coffee would be the perfect combination.

3. Very affordable food prices

Regarding the price, Rumah Eyang sells all of its food at very affordable prices. Even though it is in the Jakarta area, the prices for each food are still friendly. Moreover, with the delicious taste of the food and ‘very Jogja’, it seems that the price can still be said to be quite cheap, right?

4. It’s suitable as a place to hang out at the weekend

Even though it is a restaurant, Rumah Eyang can also be used as a weekly night hangout, you know. The comfortable lounge area is accompanied by live music, this place is certainly very suitable to be visited with friends or relatives. Moreover, there is a Kopi Eyang shop that serves a variety of contemporary coffees complete with snacks such as toast and so on.

When I came here on Saturday night, I could see many young women chatting while sipping a cup of hot tea. Not a few visitors come here just for coffee while enjoying a snack. Its comfortable place with a very thick Jogja atmosphere makes this place suitable for all ages to visit.

Towards the evening, this place starts to get crowded with visitors, so make sure you arrive early to get the most comfortable seating position. You don’t have to worry about the parking area, because Rumah Eyang provides a very large parking area.

That’s the review of Rumah Eyang. If you’re missing Jogja and haven’t had the chance to visit it directly, then just come to Rumah Eyang. Guaranteed, your longing will be cured with the atmosphere and taste of the food served by Rumah Eyang. Interested to visit here?

Rumah Eyang

Jl Deplu Raya No. 52, South Jakarta

Tel: 081294110840